Running Insurance

Running Insurance

Run for COVER!

We hope that you have an injury free experience with running! But what if the worst happens? As part of your membership with Hi-5 you get the following insurance included:

- Upto £250 consultancy fees in any one year

- Upto £500 in physiotherapy fees in any one year

- Upto £500 in MRI costs in any one year

- £2500 - £10,000 in the event of partial disablement *Sum related to disablement as detailed in the policy

- £10,000 in the event of permanent total disablement

- £10,000 in the event of death


 Which fitness related activities are included in the policy?

- Running - all aspects of training (eg. everyday runs, interval training etc)

- Running events - including ultramarathons on foot (UK events)

- Circuit training

- Fitness classes

- Gym training


In addition, your membership also gives you affiliation to the (ARC) Association of Running Clubs (not UKA) and will entitle you to discounts at ARC races across the UK. You will also be fully covered at all official Hi-5 events and training sessions.

You do not need to be an active runner with Hi-5 to benefit from the Hi-5 membership, which can be taken out by anyone in the UK. The insurance is included within our personal membership policy to assist you with injuries that may occur during your training or fitness related activities.


Are there any official documents I can review before taking out the membership?

Yes, below are the attached documents related to the insurance included in your membership with Hi-5 Runners. If you do require any additional information, please contact us and we can provide you with the details our insurers to discuss further.

Contacts: or

Hi-5 Runners - Insurance Schedule

Hi-5 Runners - Policy Schedule - Key Facts

Hi-5 Runners - Sport Personal Accident Insurance



When am I covered?

During all fitness related activities as detailed above and is not exclusively for Hi-5 meets and events, but for your everyday fitness training and classes.


Can I still run with Hi-5 if I don't take this policy?

Yes, but you will not be covered by our insurance policy at Hi-5 sessions, or the insurance cover within our membership. By participating, you are agreeing that you are in a position to exercise and do not have any existing injuries or ailments that could cause you to suffer.


Is there an age limit related to cover?

There is no lower age limit, but the upper limit would be 75. If you are over the age of 75 and wish to join the membership, we can review each case of an individual basis.


How do you claim through the policy?

We have a dedicated claims handling team. Should an incident arise, please cann the claims line via the details displayed in your policy document.


Will this policy cover my pre-existing injury?

No, there is no cover for pre-existing conditions.